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cigarblots's Journal

Just A Matter of Time, I Suppose
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Violent lives, ending violently. :: Watchmen's Comedian and Rorschach.

Does this even make sense? I don't think I care.

Welcome to the community dedicated to the Comedian and Rorschach from the graphic novel Watchmen.


Content ought to be either related to Rorschach or the Comedian or, you know, Comedian/Rorschach. General Watchmen-related stuff should be posted to any of the various other communities out there.

The comm is not tagged for explicit adult content. Use appropriate warnings and cuts for anything posted.

When posting fanart or fanfic, please post a header including the title, author name, a rating (G, PG, R, MA, etc.), plus warnings about content ( spoilers, violence, etc. ). Content should be under a cut regardless of size for art/length for fic.

Wank won't be tolerated, but hopefully moderated posting will never be necessary.

If you mod/own a Watchmen comm and would like to be affiliated with us, PM summoner_alex today!

Our Affiliates:

Thanks for reading and have fun, everyone!